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Aryzalera (aripiprazole) - tablets

The name of the preparation Character; dose; package Manufacturer Price 100% Price after refund In which pharmacy?
Aryzalera tablets; 15 mg; 28 tabl. Inpharm 102.48 3.20
Aryzalera tablets; 10 mg; 28 tabl. Krka 85.58 3.20
Aryzalera tablets; 10 mg; 56 tabl. Krka 170.09 3.98
Aryzalera tablets; 15 mg; 28 tabl. Krka 126.30 3.20
Aryzalera tablets; 15 mg; 56 tabl. Krka 252.65 5.97
Aryzalera tablets; 30 mg; 28 tabl. Krka 253.90 5.97
Aryzalera tablets; 30 mg; 56 tabl. Krka 495.30

Note: reimbursed drug prices are in line with the regulations in force from July 1, 2018.

The preparation contains the substance:aripiprazole

The drug is available on prescription

Description in preparation.

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