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Acti Vita-miner Prenatal + DHA (combined preparation) - capsules + tablets

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Acti Vita-miner Prenatal + DHA capsules + tablets; 1 tabl contains: 3 mg of β-carotene, 10 μg of vit. D3, 10 mg of vit. E, 1.66 mg of vit. B12.0 mg of vit. B22.2 mg of vit. B6, 1.2 μg vit. B12, 100 mg of vit. C, 0.4 mg folic acid, 10.3 mg pantothenic acid, 0.15 mg biotin, 17.8 mg niacin, 200 mg calcium, 50 mg magnesium, 15 mg zinc, 28 mg iron, 1 mg manganese, 1 mg copper, 0.15 mg iodine, 20 μg selenium; 1 capsule contains: 220 mg DHA, 44 mg EPA; 30 tabl. + 30 caps. Aflofarm Pharmaceutics Poland 30.99

Note: reimbursed drug prices are in line with the regulations in force from July 1, 2018.

The preparation contains the substance:combined preparation

Food supplement or foodstuff for particular nutritional purposes (including medical)

What is Acti Vita-miner Prenatal + DHA?

Dietary supplement intended for women in the second and third trimester of pregnancy and for breastfeeding women. Supplements the diet with Vitamins , minerals and polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acids.

What does Acti Vita-miner Prenatal + DHA contain and how does it work?

The preparation (in the form of tablets and capsules) contains a set of ingredients that support the normal course of pregnancy, the development of the child in fetal life and after birth. The tablets contain: provitamine A, B vitamins, vitamin D, E and C, and minerals: Calcium , Magnesium , zinc, iron, manganese, copper, Iodine and Selenium . The capsules contain omega-3 fatty acids derived from marine fish: DHA (decohexaenoic acid) and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid).

Vitamin D3 has a multidirectional effect, including regulates the calcium-phosphate economy, increases the absorption of calcium in the intestines, is necessary for the proper functioning of the muscles (including the musculature of the uterus) and the immune system. Deficiencies of vitamin D3 can lead to the development of rickets, disorders of bone mineralization, osteoporosis and disorders of the immune system.

B group vitamins are necessary for the proper development and functioning of the nervous system. Their deficiencies may cause disturbances in the production of myelin sheath and the transmission of nerve impulses. They participate in hematopoietic processes. Women planning pregnancy and pregnant women should ensure adequate supply of folates. Taking folic acid reduces the risk of malformations of the nervous system, so-called neural tube defects. However, the uptake of individual folic acid derivatives is different, and individual differences may also occur.

Iron, together with folic acid and vitamins B6 and B12, reduces the risk of developing anemia in both the mother and the child.

Zinc, copper, manganese and selenium are essential for the proper activity of many enzymes associated with the protection of cell structures against the harmful effects of free radicals.

Iodine supports the proper development of the child and the course of pregnancy. Iodine deficiencies can reduce synapses and branching of neurons and cause developmental delays. Iodine and selenium participate in the regulation of hormonal activity of the mother's thyroid, whose balance is essential for the proper development of the child's nervous system.

Vitamin E is an antioxidant, reduces the harmful effects of free radicals and peroxides, prevents the oxidation of unsaturated fatty acids, protects the structure of cell membranes.

Omega-3 fatty acids are unsaturated fatty acids with a double bond in the 3-carbon position, counting from the omega carbon atom, i.e. the carbon atom most distant from the carboxyl group.These acids belong to the group of essential unsaturated fatty acids (EFAs), which must be supplied with food, because they are not produced in sufficient quantities by the human body. Accepting the right amount of omega-3 fatty acids is important for your health. For pregnant women, a dose of DHA not less than 600 mg daily is recommended. DHA and EPA exhibit multi-directional beneficial effects for the body, support the development of the child in fetal and postnatal life, and their deficiency is accompanied by many disease states.

DHA, as a component of the cell membranes of neurons and the retina of the eye, is an important structural element of the nervous system, necessary for the proper development and functioning of the brain and the organ of vision. DHA supports normal development of the child's nervous system, especially normal brain development and visual acuity. Strengthens immunity, reduces the risk of developing allergies and asthma, has anti-inflammatory effects.

When should I use Acti Vita-miner Prenatal + DHA?

Dietary supplement intended for women in the second and third trimester of pregnancy and for breastfeeding women. The product complements the diet with vitamins, minerals and polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acids.

When not to use this preparation?

Unfortunately, even if there are indications to use the preparation, it can not always be used. You can not use the product if you are allergic (you are hypersensitive) to any of the ingredients.

Take special care with Acti Vita-miner Prenatal + DHA?

Certain diseases and other circumstances may constitute a contraindication to use or indication to change the dosage of the preparation.

The preparation can not be used as a substitute for a varied diet. A varied and balanced diet as well as a healthy lifestyle are important for maintaining good health.

Do not exceed the recommended dose.


Does this preparation affect the ability to drive vehicles?

There are no data on the effect of the preparation on the ability to drive and use machines / machines.

Dosage of Acti Vita-miner Prenatal + DHA

Preparation in the form of capsules and tablets for oral use. Do not exceed the recommended doses, because it will not increase the effectiveness of the preparation and may harm your health and life. If you have any doubts about the use of the preparation, consult your doctor.

Women in the 2nd and 3rd trimester of pregnancy, breastfeeding women: 1 capsule and 1 tablet a day; the preparation should be taken with a meal, washed down with water.

Can I use Acti Vita-miner Prenatal + DHA during pregnancy and breastfeeding?

It is very important that before using any preparation during pregnancy or breastfeeding, consult a physician and explain beyond any doubt the potential risks and benefits associated with the use of the preparation.

The preparation is intended for women in the second and third trimester of pregnancy and for breastfeeding women. Use after prior consultation with a doctor.

Can I use other preparations in parallel?

There are no data on the occurrence of drug interactions with other drugs.

What side effects can occur?

There are no data on possible side effects associated with the use of the preparation.

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Pumo Vap Junior (gel)
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Selenium + zinc (tablets)
Apotex sleep (coated tablets)
Silaurum (gel)
Silence (spray)
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Sinulan Direct Junior for sore throat (spray)
Sinulan Direct for sore throat (spray)
Sinulan Express Forte (nasal spray)
Sinulan rinoBalsam (nasal ointment)
Skinsept Pur (solution)
Lines with biotin (capsules)
Lines with hyaluronic acid (capsules)
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SmofKabiven (emulsion for infusion)
SmofKabiven EF (emulsion for infusion)
SmofKabiven Peripheral (emulsion for infusion)
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UCHOLEK Ear drops (ear drops)
UCHOLEK Ear ointment (ear ointment)
Undofen Lacquer + Accessories (nail polish)
Unibasis (emulsion for use on the skin)
Injured (gastro-resistant tablets)
Uro (cream)
Uroner (tablets)
Uroval manosa (tablets)
Urydynox (capsules)
Uzarin (gel)
Vagilan-M (vaginal gel)
Varivenol (hard capsules)
Venolyte (solution for infusion)
Verbascon rhinitis (nasal spray)
Vericaust (solution for use on the skin)
Virasoothe (gel)
Viscoblast (eye drops)
Vislea (flexible capsules)
Vita C (oral fluid)
Vitagyn C (vaginal cream)
Vitagyn C (globules)
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Vocaler spray (throat spray)
Volulyte 6% (solution for infusion)
Sight of APTEO (capsules)
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Xylogel Hydro (nasal gel)
Xylorin Allergy (nasal spray)
Zacmin (capsules)
Zatoxin (coated tablets)
Zatoxin Pulmo (liquid)
Zayadex Forte (coated tablets)
Zdrovit Shrinkage Expert Massager (emulsion)
ZEEN Kids (syrup)
Zenella MED (vaginal tablets)
Green coffee forte (capsules)
Zomax (coated tablets)
Zuccarin (tablets)
Zuma (capsules)
Zuma skylight plus (eye drops)
Ultrasound gel (gel)
INTIMI intimate intimate gel (gel)
żUravit Junior Plus syrup (syrup)