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The preparation contains the substance:Folic acid

The drug is available without a prescription

What is Acifolik?

Vitamin preparation.

What does Acifolik contain and how does it work?

The active substance of the preparation is folic acid, a vitamin from group B. It is necessary for the proper functioning and development of the body. By reduction it is transformed into
in the active form - tetrahydrofolic acid, which as a coenzyme of many enzymatic reactions participates in the synthesis of pyrimidine, purine compounds,
deoxyribonucleic acid, in the transformation of amino acids (glycine, methionine, histidine) and formates.
Folic acid plays an important role in tissues in which numerous cell divisions occur (hematopoietic system, gastrointestinal epithelium, fetal tissue). It is indispensable in the process of myelination of nerve fibers.
Taking folic acid at a dose of 0.4 mg per day and above reduces the risk of congenital nervous system defects such as spina bifida and other central nervous system defects caused by neural tube dysfunction in the offspring. Disorders of the so-called closure neural tube in the fetal period can lead to the so-called anencephaly and spinal hernia.
The Polish National Health Protection Program (1996-2005) developed by a team of experts recommends to consume approximately 0.4 - 1 mg of folic acid daily for all women of childbearing age to prevent congenital nervous system defects. This is particularly important especially during the three months preceding planned conception and in the first 12 weeks after conception.
Deficiencies of folic acid are manifested by megaloblastic anemia with leukopenia and thrombocytopenia. The daily adult demand for folic acid is approximately 0.4 mg. It increases twice in pregnant women and during breastfeeding as well as in people who abuse alcohol.

When to use Acifolik?

The product is indicated for the prevention of folic acid deficiency in women before conception and in the first trimester of pregnancy, in order to reduce the risk of neural tube defects.

When not to use this preparation?

Unfortunately, even if there are indications to use the preparation, it can not always be used. You can not use the preparation if you are allergic (you are hypersensitive) to any of the ingredients.
People with rare hereditary galactose intolerance, primary lactase deficiency or Glucose -galactose malabsorption should not use the preparation.

Take special care with Acifolik?

Certain diseases and other circumstances may constitute a contraindication to use or indication to change the dosage of the preparation. In some situations it may be necessary to carry out specific check-ups.
In addition to pregnancy and breastfeeding, folic acid should not be used at a dose higher than 0.4 mg per day without exclusion of megaloblastic anemia, due to the possibility of masking the hematological manifestations of the disease. Women who have given birth to a neural tube defect should be provided with genetic counseling before the next pregnancy, and at least 3 months before pregnancy, supplementation with folic acid at 4-5 mg daily, as advised by the doctor.

Dosage of Acifolik

The preparation is in the form of tablets for oral use. Use the preparation as recommended. Do not exceed the recommended doses because it will not increase the effectiveness of the drug and may harm your health and life. If you have any doubts regarding the use of the preparation, consult a physician.
1 tablet a day, at least 1 month before planned conception and during the first trimester of pregnancy.

Can you use Acifolik during pregnancy and breastfeeding?

During pregnancy, do not use any medicine without consulting your doctor!
It is very important that before using any medicine during pregnancy or breastfeeding, consult a physician and explain beyond any doubt the potential risks and benefits associated with the use of the drug. If you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant, consult your doctor before using the product.
The product can be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Can I use other preparations in parallel?

Tell your doctor about all medicines you have recently taken, including those that are over the counter. In particular, consult your doctor if you are using any of the medicines listed below, as you may need to change your dosage or stop taking your medicine.
Anti-tuberculous drugs, ethanol, oral contraceptives, ion-exchange resins used in hyperlipidaemia, folic acid antagonists (sulfonamides, Methotrexate , trimethoprim, pyrimethamine, sulfasalazine), methotrexate may reduce the effectiveness of folic acid preparations. During the simultaneous use of folic acid and antiepileptic drugs, it is necessary to monitor their concentration due to the change in the rate of their metabolism and the possibility of worsening the symptoms of epilepsy.
Antacids containing aluminum or Magnesium compounds may reduce the absorption of folic acid. A 2-hour break should be maintained in the administration of these medicines. Folic acid can lower the level of vitamin B12 in the results of blood analysis.

What side effects can occur?

Like all medicines, also Acifolik can cause side effects, although they will not occur in all patients using this product. Remember that the expected benefits of using the drug are usually greater than the damage resulting from the occurrence of side effects.
In rare cases, gastrointestinal or allergic reactions (rash, redness, itching) may occur.

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