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Azulan (extract from camomile baskets) - liquid

The name of the preparation Character; dose; package Manufacturer Price 100% Price after refund In which pharmacy?
Azulan liquid; ethanol extract from chamomile baskets; 30 g Herbapol Wrocław 5.05 Check
Azulan liquid; ethanol extract from chamomile baskets; 90 g Herbapol Wrocław 9.66 Check
Azulan liquid; ethanol extract from chamomile baskets; 100 ml Phytopharm Kneel 8.49 Check
Azulan liquid; ethanol extract from chamomile baskets; 50 ml Phytopharm Kneel b / d Check

Note: reimbursed drug prices are in line with the regulations in force from July 1, 2018.

The preparation contains the substance:extract from chamomile baskets

The drug is available without a prescription

What is Azulan?

The preparation is used traditionally in the treatment of inflammation of the mouth, gastrointestinal tract and skin.

What does Azulan contain and how does it work?

It is a preparation containing ethanolic chamomile flower extract. The substances contained in the extract of chamomile have anti-inflammatory activity related to the inhibition of the release of inflammatory mediators. In addition, chamomile has a diastolic effect on the smooth muscle of the digestive tract and antibacterial activity. The preparation is used in inflammation of the mouth, gastrointestinal tract and skin.

When to use Azulan?

The preparation is used externally in inflammation of the skin, mucous membranes of the mouth and gums.
The preparation is used internally:
· In gastrointestinal cramps as an auxiliary relaxant and carminative
· In inflammatory conditions of the gastrointestinal tract as an auxiliary anti-inflammatory agent.

When not to use this preparation?

Unfortunately, even if there are indications to use the preparation, it can not always be used. You can not use the preparation if you are allergic (you are hypersensitive) to any of the ingredients of the preparation or to other plants from the Asteraceae / compound family (Asteraceae / Compositae).

When should you take special care with Azulan?

Certain diseases and other circumstances may constitute a contraindication to use or indication to change the dosage of the preparation. In some situations it may be necessary to carry out specific check-ups.
Additional information about the other ingredients of the preparation:
· The product contains ethanol (the amount of alcohol in a single dose is equivalent to 30 ml of wine or 72 ml of beer); this should be taken into account when using the preparation in children and in pregnant women and women who are breastfeeding, as well as in alcohol addicts, liver disease or patients with epilepsy.

Does this preparation affect the ability to drive vehicles?
The preparation may impair the ability to drive vehicles and operate equipment / machines and impair the psychomotor efficiency.
Directly after application of the preparation, ethyl alcohol can be detected in the exhaled air by appropriate measuring instruments. Due to the ethanol content (a single dose of the preparation contains 2.9 g of ethanol) it is not recommended to drive vehicles and operate devices / machines for at least 30 minutes after applying the preparation.

Dosage of Azulan

The preparation is a liquid, which after appropriate dilution is intended for both external and internal use. Use the preparation as recommended. Do not exceed the recommended doses because it will not increase the effectiveness of the drug and may harm your health and life.If you have any doubts regarding the use of the preparation, consult a physician.
External use (on the skin and mucous membranes): a properly prepared aqueous solution of the preparation should be used; to prepare the solution, measure 10 ml of the preparation and top up with boiled and cooled water to a volume of 0.5 glasses, ie to 125 ml. The preparation should be measured using the measuring cup included in the package.
Internal use: take 3-4 times a day for 5 ml of the preparation in a small amount of liquid, preferably boiled and cooled water. The preparation should be measured using the measuring cup included in the package.

Can Azulan be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding?

During pregnancy, do not use any medicine without consulting your doctor!
It is very important that before using any medicine during pregnancy or breastfeeding, consult a physician and explain beyond any doubt the potential risks and benefits associated with the use of the drug. If you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant, consult your doctor before using the product.
There are no data on the safety of the preparation in pregnant women or in women who are breast-feeding. A single dose of the preparation contains 2.9 g of ethanol.

Can I use other preparations in parallel?

Tell your doctor about all medicines you have recently taken, including those that are over the counter.
The drug's interactions with other drugs are unknown.

What side effects can occur?

Like all medicines, Azulan can cause side effects, although it will not occur in all patients who use this medicine. Remember that the expected benefits of using the drug are usually greater than the damage resulting from the occurrence of side effects.
Due to the ethanol content, externally applied preparation may cause irritation and dry skin. Hypersensitivity reactions (including contact reactions) may occur. In people allergic to other plants from the family Asteraceae / complex (Asteraceae / Compositae), such as, for example, mugwort, wormwood, cross-allergic reaction may occur. Anaphylactic reactions (including anaphylactic shock, asthma attack, dyspnea) may very rarely occur.

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