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Alitol (garlic extract) - capsules

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Alitol capsule; 1 capsule contains 270 mg of garlic extract; 48 caps. Krka 10.99 Check

Note: reimbursed drug prices are in line with the regulations in force from July 1, 2018.

The preparation contains the substance:garlic extract

Food supplement or foodstuff for particular nutritional purposes (including medical)

What is Alitol?

Dietary supplement to help lower blood lipids.

What does Alitol contain and how does it work?

Garlic extract inhibits growth, bacteria, fungi and intestinal parasites. Has an adjuvant effect in the prevention of atherosclerosis due to the reduction of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood. It reduces platelet aggregation and indirectly reduces blood pressure. It increases the secretion of gastric juice and has an antibacterial effect.

When to use Alitol?

Alitol is indicated as an aid in:
prevention of atherosclerotic changes in the blood vessels and their consequences
in the elderly as a general tonic.

When not to use this preparation?

Unfortunately, even if there are indications to use the preparation, it can not always be used. You can not use the product if you are allergic (you are hypersensitive) to any of the ingredients or sulfur compounds.

When should you take special care with Alitol?

Certain diseases and other circumstances may constitute a contraindication to use or indication to change the dosage of the preparation. In some situations it may be necessary to carry out specific check-ups.
During the use of the preparation, sulfur compounds are excreted through the skin and through the lungs. It causes a change in the smell of skin and breath.

Dosage of Alitol

The preparation is in the form of capsules. Use the preparation as recommended. Do not exceed the recommended doses because it will not increase the effectiveness of the drug and may harm your health and life. If you have any doubts regarding the use of the preparation, consult a physician.
1-2 capsules a day. The preparation should be used before meals, preferably with milk.

Can Alitol be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding?

During pregnancy, do not use any medicine without consulting your doctor!
It is very important that before using any medicine during pregnancy or breastfeeding, consult a physician and explain beyond any doubt the potential risks and benefits associated with the use of the drug. If you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant, consult your doctor before using the product.
Due to the lack of tests, it is not recommended to use the product during pregnancy and breast-feeding.

Can I use other preparations in parallel?

Tell your doctor about all medicines you have recently taken, including those that are over the counter.
There are no data on the interaction of the preparation with other medicinal products.

What side effects can occur?

There are no data on the side effects of the preparation.

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